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Internet Speed Test

Internet Speed Test Online: In less than 30 seconds, check your Internet speed. Usually, fewer than 40 MB of data are transmitted, although more information is transferred over fast connections.

For running the test, you will be linked to the measuring laboratory (M-Lab) and disclose your IP address and process it in line with your privacy policy.

In order to encourage internet research, M-Lab performs the test and openly publishes all test findings. Information published contains your IP address and test results, but as an Internet user, does not include any more information about you.

Important things to learn about our test for bandwidth

What is the work of our internet speed test?

A non-flash bandwidth test, the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test, is an HTML5 test that monitors download and upload speeds on your browser. The HTML5 technology is used in our bandwidth test and no download is required.

Typically, bandwidth speed tests are used for speed control. Our Speed Test Plus nevertheless also monitors your broadband provider’s line quality of the connection.

Important stuff to learn from our bandwidth test

What is our online speed test work?

Speakeasy’s Internet Speed Test, a non-Flash bandwidth test, is an HTML5 test that monitors your browser download and upload rates. In the bandwidth test and no downloads are employed HTML5 technology.

For speed control bandwidth checks are typically employed. Nevertheless, Our Speed Test Plus also analyses the connection quality of your broadband provider.

Conditions You ought to know

Line Speed:

The line speed displays the actual download or upload speed that you see from your connection during the bandwidth test.

Speed download: the speed at which data may be sent to your computer using your Internet connection.

This is the maximum quantity of information your computer can receive in a given second from the internet. The speed of download is measured per second in megabits (Mbps).

Upload Speed: The opposite of download speed, this records the maximum amount that your computer is able to transmit to the Internet. This is measured in Mbps, too.

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